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The MindLadder assessment is for students who experience learning difficulties for a wide variety of reasons. Using tools that allow for the robustness of improvements to be monitored, the assessment is an interactive procedure that enables the examiner to invest in the development of students’ knowledge construction functions while promoting their use within and across the domains of knowledge.

The procedure:

provides immediate and direct assistance to struggling learners while clarifying how further changes can be nourished in the classroom and beyond

can be used as part of the provision of RTI-intensified services, as an early intervention tool for students at risk for learning failure, as a way to provide intensive services to students with special education needs, and as a way to make inclusion work

• - when used over time with MindLadder LearningGuides - allows for accurate and timely decision-making relative to learning goals with demonstrated treatment validity

Examiner and student work together to explore how each student can best learn how to acquire knowledge, gain proficiency with its use, and learn how to learn.

The MindLadder Guidebook 3.0 provides detailed information about the assessment, the use of the individual tools, the connections with the classroom, and the work of the teacher. - The Guidebook also presents a chapter that examines issues in philosophy, theory, and psychometrics and explains the differences between this approach to assessment and measurement and traditional approaches to testing.

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MindLadder assessment tool: Generated Point Figures; downloadable – PDF [3.7 MB] MindLadder assessment tool: Logic Boards; downloadable – PDF [19.1 MB] MindLadder assessment tool: Matrices; downloadable – PDF [19.1 MB]
Generated Point FiguresLogic BoardsMatrices

3 x 20 items; dot configurations
Downloadable - PDF [3.7 MB]

3 x 20 items; text
Downloadable - PDF [19.1 MB]

60 items; matrices (color)
Downloadable - PDF [19.1 MB]




MindLadder assessment tool: Templates; downloadable – PDF [4.4 MB] MindLadder assessment tool: Numerical Relationships; downloadable – PDF [12.1 MB] MindLadder assessment tool: Reader; downloadable – PDF [570 MB]
TemplatesNumerical RelationshipsReader

60 items; templates (color)
Downloadable - PDF [4.4 MB]




3 x 20 items plus basic operations
Downloadable - PDF [12.1 MB]

8 x 4 text vignettes
Downloadable - PDF [570 Kb]





MindLadder assessment tool: Substitutions; downloadable – PDF [4.7 MB]

Line drawings - 20 x 6 variations
Downloadable - PDF [4.7 MB]


1 - 7 of 7 items

MindLadder assessment answers the question ‘How can this student best learn how to learn?’ by investing in the development of the processes students need to acquire content knowledge and develop proficiency with its use.

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