MindLadder® Guidebooks are solution-oriented and focus on meeting the learning needs of students preparing for life in the knowledge economy. Guidebooks provide practical information, conceptual foundations, and background knowledge. They explain how educators working with diverse learning needs promote the development of students’ knowledge construction functions and their ability to acquire proficiency with content area knowledge. Guidebooks explain how schools can promote students’ preparation for living in the knowledge economy, where employment and prosperity require lifelong learning for continuous adaptation, growth, and change.

Guidebooks provide direct support for applied MindLadder® programs and resources used by classroom teachers, school psychologists, clinicians, parents, school leaders and policy planners. - Downloadable from, Guidebooks and the programs they support are made available as licensed products subject to a standard end-user license agreement (see Terms and Conditions). More information about MindLadder® and its applied programs – including free downloadable scientific articles published in peer reviewed journals – is available in the Library & Downloads area at

MindLadder® supports the choice of standards, curriculum, and outcome measures states adopt.

The Mind’s Ladder Guidebook 3.0 - 322 8.5 x 11 pages - Downloadable - PDF [3.4 MB]
The Mind's Ladder: Empowering Students in the Knowledge Economy

Guidebook 3.0; 322 pages (8.5 x 11)
Downloadable - PDF [3.4 MB]


The Mind’s Ladder Guidebook 3.0 provides conceptual and operational support for practitioners to use the applied MindLadder programs. Look for product bundles that include Guidebook 3.0 – and save!