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Application: Development within the context of both classroom and assessment. Product Description: Three forms (90, 130, and 160 items) for use by students (high school and above).

This resource for the development of knowledge construction functions and students’ learning ability consists of all three MindLadder LearningGuide Student forms plus the scoring key.

The Short Form (90 items) includes information about knowledge construction functions.

The Standard Form (130 items) additionally includes information about social and emotional adjustment.

The Long Form (160 items) additionally includes behavior problem indicators.

The Standard Form is the one most commonly used. When warranted, the Long Form is available to provide a more precise picture of social, emotional, mental, and behavior problems.

A reliability estimate is computed on every form. Support for the LearningGuide, its use and scoring is provided in The Mind’s Ladder Guidebook 3.0 Delivery: Downloadable file [PDF, 18 pages, 675 KB].

MindLadder LearningGuide: All Student forms - high school and above (90, 130, 160); downloadable – PDF [669 Kb]
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