The MindLadder LearningGuide is an exploratory survey and not a confirmatory, diagnostic test. Typically based on information from those who know a student well, such as parents and teachers, LearningGuides enable educators, school psychologists and clinicians to clarify the context for the development of a student's knowledge construction functions and learning ability.

LearningGuides organize the available information about both strengths and under-developed knowledge construction functions that may impede the student’s ability to achieve academic standards and learn how to learn. The LearningGuide maps the knowledge construction functions students are likely to need to acquire subject area knowledge and gain proficiency with its use. The LearningGuide is a tool to close the gap between students' test results and the standards they aim to achieve.

Classroom teachers use LearningGuides to identify knowledge construction processes students need to achieve curricular objectives.

Parents complete LearningGuides to share knowledge and insights about their learner (forms also available in Spanish).

Upon referral, clinicians and school psychologists use LearningGuides to gather collateral information, map knowledge construction functions in need of development, perform their work, and consult with teachers and parents.

Under the guidance of an educator, older students (high school and above) complete LearningGuides to understand and participate more fully in the development of their ability to acquire knowledge and achieve proficiency with its use.

Scope – three levels of information - a reliability estimate is computed at every level: 

Short Form (90 items): Includes information about knowledge construction functions.

Standard Form (130 items): The Short Form plus information about social and emotional adjustment within the normal realm. - Most commonly used

Long Form (160 items): The Standard Form plus indicators of potentially more severe problems. Form includes questions that can be indicative of more severe social, emotional, mental, or behavior problems.

Descriptions of the LearningGuide, its use and scoring are provided in The Mind's Ladder Guidebook 3.0. Click below for more information about the Parent, Professional and Student forms of the LearningGuide.

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